Large (open) pores…BE GONE!

God gives you one lifetime, one body (and face) and its your utmost duty to, as much as you want and strive for a perfect life, you have to also strive for a close to perfect version of yourself, body and face included. As we age, our skin conditions isn't as what it was back … Continue reading Large (open) pores…BE GONE!

Its the most wonderful time of the year 

TELL EVERYONE We have officially kicked off Mariah (Carey)'s Season!!! I always tell myself that "My Christmas season will not kick off until I hear "All i want for Christmas (is you)" by Mimi, in the public"...Thankfully enough it did, last weekend, somewhere, when i was having lunch. And so...HERE WE ARE! Everywhere is decorated … Continue reading Its the most wonderful time of the year