New you at NEW:YU

While his name might ring a bell to some, back in his glory days as one of our Singapore's National Bowler, some of you might know him now, as the owner of NEW:YU, which is a compact and homely studio gym, that offers various forms of classes and training for his clienteles. This week, I … Continue reading New you at NEW:YU


When all else fail, cupping...might help. Recently, I popped on down to Chinatown to get this pain on my back, sorted out. And believe me, this isn't the first time that i went for this "cupping therapy". I've done it a couple of years back (2 or 3 to be exact) and personally for me, … Continue reading SUCKED


HEY HEY! If you have been following me on Instagram (@noahnaima) I am pretty sure that you  witnessed a surge of my staycation pictures and posts at THE CANOPI in Bintan last week. This is the 2nd time that I was in Bintan for a short getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of our … Continue reading #GLAMPING

Sony RX-ed

GUYS! I have fallen in LOVE! Recently, I was contemplating about getting a new camera to replace my old one. And like any ordinary person who doesn't know jackshit about camera (but knows how to "werk" in front of it =p), I sought help from a very good photographer friend of mine whom I worked very … Continue reading Sony RX-ed

My Night With KEVIN.

NEW VIDEO ALERT : I take you on a step by step, styling tips and tricks of getting that red-carpet ready hair at the comfort of your own space, before i hit the town for #singaporefashionweek #digitalfashionweek I have to tell you, that I've been using these products for a good couple of months and … Continue reading My Night With KEVIN.

Bring your camera along.

A week back, I made a trip to the National Museum of Singapore, as i wanted to check out whats this whole "Silhouette, mood shots" thats been sweeping over #exploresingapore tags on instagram, about. And by that (also), i meant that i wanted to get into this whole action too. (#FOMO) Turned out, it was … Continue reading Bring your camera along.


Hey EVERYONE!! I'm really psyched to be launching my very own YouTube channel and my very first video EVER! I want to use this avenue to let you guys, get to know me and I want to get to know you and engage with you through this channel as well. So please feel free to … Continue reading MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!