Happy Holidays!

How to do Tropical Christmas. Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Happy Hanukkah! x NN

When life gives you lemons…

Well. Basically, my past week in a photograph. Being a good soldier boy.  x NN #NNReservist 

Put your camera on burst (mode) and move along…

Guys...We need to talk... I love and appreciate Art and the time and effort spent by an artist to produce such amazing works. I personally find art to be an extension of oneself to express such feelings and emotions that is hard (or unable) to express with words, with art. It is simply amazing. Recently, … Continue reading Put your camera on burst (mode) and move along…

Island Escape

Lets go island hopping! If you are like me and the (island) names like : St. John's Island and Kusu Island are just something that's out from you Social Studies text book when you were in high school, well, join the club. All my years of staying in Singapore, i have not been to these … Continue reading Island Escape


When all else fail, cupping...might help. Recently, I popped on down to Chinatown to get this pain on my back, sorted out. And believe me, this isn't the first time that i went for this "cupping therapy". I've done it a couple of years back (2 or 3 to be exact) and personally for me, … Continue reading SUCKED

Sony RX-ed

GUYS! I have fallen in LOVE! Recently, I was contemplating about getting a new camera to replace my old one. And like any ordinary person who doesn't know jackshit about camera (but knows how to "werk" in front of it =p), I sought help from a very good photographer friend of mine whom I worked very … Continue reading Sony RX-ed

Bring your camera along.

A week back, I made a trip to the National Museum of Singapore, as i wanted to check out whats this whole "Silhouette, mood shots" thats been sweeping over #exploresingapore tags on instagram, about. And by that (also), i meant that i wanted to get into this whole action too. (#FOMO) Turned out, it was … Continue reading Bring your camera along.