Large (open) pores…BE GONE!

God gives you one lifetime, one body (and face) and its your utmost duty to, as much as you want and strive for a perfect life, you have to also strive for a close to perfect version of yourself, body and face included.

As we age, our skin conditions isn’t as what it was back in the days when we were young. And if you think that the days of puberty are long gone and as an adult, you’ll be free from acnes and pimples, YOU ARE SO WRONG!

When it was just a couple of weeks before I hit the big 3-0, my skin went on a drastic rampage and decided that it would be a brilliant idea to surprise me with HUGE sudden breakouts. It was more like my skin’s way of telling me “Happy Birthday! here’s some acnes for your pretty face”. I was mortified by this whole episode that I nearly wanted to cancel out on my own birthday.

Thanks to my dermatologist, everything went back on track and the whole celebrations went off without a hitch.

Now, as I’m entering the mid 30s, looking myself in the mirror every morning, there are problems like fine lines and irregular skin color, due to sports and sun exposure, and all that jazz. (You get my point here)

But recently, the one that has been bugging me so much these days, has to be when I realised that my skin is starting to get some sort of enlarge open pores especially on my under eye / cheeks region. It has come to a point that creams, lotions and potions can only go so far. Feeling bothered by this, I then started research on treatments that focuses on the problem at hand.

And like with many laws of attraction, I met Dr Calvin Chan (from Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic) during the DIOR sneakers launch event, a few weeks back. Really friendly guy and I wasted no time and dived right into the problems that I was facing and if he had any form of treatment that could help solve this problem after prolong sessions.

I’m one to believe that the best kind of results are usually treatments or products that are used or done regularly. #realisticexpectations

His conversation to me about this PICO LASER treatment was very detailed and it was interesting to know that the laser technology nowadays could minimise and help me with this. But of course, as like with other treatments, I went on and did my own research on it before jumping the gun.

What’s interesting to know was that as compared to the Q-Switch laser, this new PICO laser’s built up energy is released in 1 picosecond (as compared to Q-Switch which is 1 nanosecond). With this, that means that a high amount of energy can be released in a short timeframe which also means that it prevents a lesser chance of burning the skin or altering pigmentation. Something that I learnt the hard way, a year back (trust me).

Aside from that I also found out some other benefits, these are those that i look out for :

  • little downtime, meaning less time for redness. (yay!)
  • little complications
  • improve pore size (after a series of 3-5 treatments)
  • improve skin texture (after a series of 3-5 treatments)
  • improve pigmentation (after a series of 3-5 treatments)

To which i say : SIGN ME UP DOC!

Like any visits to the doctor, Dr Calvin Chan’s consultation is nothing more than really very detailed and thats exactly what i wanted. I wanted to know the pros and cons and if there’s any complications and such, I mean, this is my face we are dealing with right! It really shows that this man knows what he is doing and he’s been around laser for a long time to know the changes in laser technologies and of course i had to test him on some skin related questions with my bare knowledge in that department. (Passed with flying colors). It puts me in a very comfortable position to begin my treatment.

1st up. Skin analysis with the VISIA Analysis Machine. or what i like to call something that looked like a mini space ship, when you look inside of it. What it does is that it basically tells your skin’s percentages of :

  • wrinkles
  • texture
  • pores
  • UV spots
  • Brown spots
  • Red areas

picoAnd they’ll check up on that on every visit to check on those few categories to see improvements throughout the whole few appointments…and then we’re off to get these pores smaller…

Check out this video below, for my experience with the PICO Laser treatment.

I must say that I’m really amazed at the after treatment redness, it was gone within a few minutes (this is according to my skin), as i had to rush off to another appointment after. The last thing i want was a full on red face, after the laser treatment. Though its still too early to tell after one session, i do see minimal pore reduction but for some strange reason, the treatment did tightens my skin.

But, you know, this is just the 1st treatment and i need to be realistic about it. The results were there but it weren’t drastic, if I may be honest. And that was the very reason why I signed up for a few more sessions with Dr Calvin Chan.

Really excited to see the on-going results, especially judging from after my 1st session. But as of now, I will keep you guys posted on my journey to bidding farewell, to my large (open) pores!

For more information do visit : Calvin Chan | Aesthetic & Laser Clinic

x NN



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