Put your camera on burst (mode) and move along…

Guys…We need to talk…

I love and appreciate Art and the time and effort spent by an artist to produce such amazing works. I personally find art to be an extension of oneself to express such feelings and emotions that is hard (or unable) to express with words, with art. It is simply amazing.

Recently, i popped by the Arts Science Museum to immerse myself in the fantastic artworks and history of dutch graphic artist, MC Escher. Someone that i find to be a complete genius and have always wondered what is going on in that head of his, to be able to produce such (sorry to use this term) “mind-f**ked” pieces, in ever sense of the word. Absolutely brilliant. Something that i strongly urge art-goers to have a look at before the exhibition closes on the 26th February 2017.

Made myself a happy camper when i got to purchase one of his art piece replica at the museum shop, that i will hang somewhere around the house.

SO! here comes the problem…then i decided to head to another exhibition since i have some time to spare and it seemed really interesting : Future World.

Disclaimer : I have no problem at all with anyone who wants to grab some pictures and do a million poses for your social media at all with the installations, cos hey! I’m exactly like you, yo’. So I get what you feel and mean and how IMPORTANT those pictures are for your instagram, its a matter of life and death!! (ok not really, I’m just being dramatic)

Here’s what I found to be really annoying and very inconsiderate among some of the visitors to the gallery.

  • First of all, I get it museums are romantic (like totally right?), so much so that you want to stroll at a snail’s pace and talk about your future and romantically tease and prod each other while holding each others hands, that if you ever let go, one of you will drown and die in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean (cue Titanic death scene here).
  • Secondly, have you ever looked back and see the amount of visitors behind you that so definitely does not want to be rude and intrude in your moment, just because both of you are making them super uncomfortable, not to mention with their kids around, (especially when its an exhibition mainly for kids) and they would love to move forward in front of you, so that you both could have your moment together…Like c’mon dude, don’t be so oblivious to the surrounding you d*ck!
  • Third. I have to admit, I do this too BUT not without considering that there are others who would also want to have their own photo-op with the installation, that’s the most instagramable on #artssciencemuseum (see picture below). Let me teach you something about the camera and posing AND you can also throw in, being mindful to others as well.

Now, you know how this particular installation is super tiny and yes it is amazing and it does make for some nice pictures.

  1. Put your camera on HDR mode
  2. Put it on Burst
  3. Pass it to whomever that’s taking your picture
  4. Find “THE” spot
  5. Stand and pose (to filth!)
  6. Give yourself some time of probably 20-30seconds or lesser
  7. and when you feel like you’ve got the shot…
  8. MOVE ALONG!!!
  9. And for god sake, don’t take this opportunity to be romantically inclined towards each other within that small space…please do spare some thoughts for the poor people behind you.

C’mon guys…we are better than this! We should be sharing and appreciating the art gallery together. There’s a place and time to be and act in a certain way, I’m definitely not saying that being romantic is wrong, and that if PDA (public display of affection) is your thing, hey! by all means, but do spare some thoughts for people that’s surrounding you, cos, we are all sharing this space.

You may be at the front of the crowd now being an a**, but the table will turn on you and one day, she (karma) will serve it to you and you will be the one at the back of the line.

Food for your thoughts….

Lets make our museums and public spaces more comfortable for all of us, and it begins with YOU!

Check out Arts & Science Museum website for more of whats on and for ticket details and other informations.

x NN


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