Island Escape

Lets go island hopping!

If you are like me and the (island) names like : St. John’s Island and Kusu Island are just something that’s out from you Social Studies text book when you were in high school, well, join the club. All my years of staying in Singapore, i have not been to these 2 islands and honestly, I’m really glad that i did that, the past weekend.

Sometimes the stress and fast paced environment within our little island could take its toll on you and taking a holiday is either too expensive or out of the question (because of work commitments). Although it isn’t as fancy as going to Bali or other island destinations, I can assure you that just a day out to these 2 islands could take those stress away for a moment.

Come and escape with me and check out my fun-filled day spent on these 2 islands with some incredible friends and some facts behind the island’s strange name.

This school holidays, treat yourself to a different kinda weekend and take the kids, nephews and nieces out here for a change. Its really something! And don’t forget your sunscreen and a picnic basket.

Thanks for watching and Don’t forget to subscribe for more adventure in future with me!

x NN

#NNIsland Escape

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