Its the most wonderful time of the year 

TELL EVERYONE We have officially kicked off Mariah (Carey)’s Season!!!

I always tell myself that “My Christmas season will not kick off until I hear “All i want for Christmas (is you)” by Mimi, in the public“…Thankfully enough it did, last weekend, somewhere, when i was having lunch. And so…HERE WE ARE!

Everywhere is decorated to filth and that also means thats we are nearing the end of 2016  (gosh! where did the year go?) where there’s going to be lots of celebrations and merry makings. This has to be my favourite time of the year, where my Martha (Stewart) syndrome takes on a whole new level with decorations and dinner parties. #truestory

Shout out to the good people at @iloveskininc for always getting me covered for this festive season. Now most of you know, how SkinInc has always been one of my go-to skin care range for years, since the brand started out 7 (or maybe close to 8) years ago, because it works for me. And I’m HUGE on skincare.

I’m always a sucker for packaging and this year’s rose-gold festive packaging from our very own Singaporean skincare brand has gotten me feeling all glammed up and christmassy. So, the brand does not only scores in this year’s festive packaging department but as usual, the products in it, boasts about making your dull skin and imperfections vanish by customising your serums for your own skin needs. They have always been very big on that (customisable serums).

What better way to amp up your skincare this festive season and make others stir up conversations about your skin, especially when you are meeting family members and old friends that you have not seen in a long while.

Here’s the science behind those active ingredients in this festive box :

  1. Licorice – helps in calming the skin, from your everyday life.
  2. Collagen – we all know how important collagen is in plumping up and giving life to the skin
  3. Vitamin A – brightening, need i say more?
  4. And top it off with the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask for that added boost!

Try it on you or if you know someone who need this, get it for them this Christmas, they’ll thank you for that!

This festive season, put all your skin worries and (instagram) filters to rest, because the only thing that you should be worrying about is “who’s gonna be driving back home” after a night of drinking and merry making! Drink responsibly Guys!

Check them out : iloveskininc

x NN


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