New you at NEW:YU

While his name might ring a bell to some, back in his glory days as one of our Singapore’s National Bowler, some of you might know him now, as the owner of NEW:YU, which is a compact and homely studio gym, that offers various forms of classes and training for his clienteles.

This week, I had a chance to have a chat with this incredible human being, who’s not only my trainer but also one of my good friends : Lee Yuwen

Let me just begin with, I’m one of those who have been heading to NEW:YU on a twice a week basis, for about a year now. And the exercises and classes that i steer towards are more of the group circuit trainings, TABATA (high-intensity interval training) and some weight trainings with the man himself.

The results speaks for itself, well that, plus my normal daily workouts that i do, to start my day, which i also do tend to incorporate some of the exercises from NEW:YU into it as well.

But anyway, aside from finding out about his heydays and why the switch from bowling to now a personal trainer with a gym under his belt, we also dive into some fitness.

If you are like me, I do think a lot about workout myths, mainly because the fitness industry is a multi billion dollar industry and that people are coming out with gadgets and diets and workout videos that promises weight loss and such…but to what extend is that true? We talk about some of those claims as well.

Check us out! and don’t forget to comment and subscribe for more up-coming videos.

For more information on NEW:YU, visit their website where you can find out more about their training schedules, classes and location details : NEW:YU

x NN


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