If you have been following me on Instagram (@noahnaima) I am pretty sure that you  witnessed a surge of my staycation pictures and posts at THE CANOPI in Bintan last week.

This is the 2nd time that I was in Bintan for a short getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of our Singapore city. If you have to know, it was more of a jealousy and thirst that I got from scrolling through instagram and all I saw was amazing pictures upon pictures of travelling and a whole lot of #travelgram, from the people that i follow.

And waiting for December to come for my Big U.S trip seems like a very long wait. So, I decided to get onto a ferry and sail out of Singapore waters, for about an hour to the island of Bintan. Where adventure and GLAMPING (camping but with glamour) awaits in the form of The Canopi.

There’s just so much to talk about this place and what I did there. So, check this out : I made a video about my whole trip there which includes the fun-filled activities that I got to do during my short stay. Keep a look out for my FAVOURITE high-light of the trip, the off-road ATV (all-terrain-vehicle) through the private jungle trail!!

Hope you guys like it!

And do subscribe and leave your comments on my YouTube channel. Thanks guy!

For more informations and bookings at THE CANOPI, you can check out their website at : The Canopy / But let me tell you that, places are really limited and booked out, fast! So, I really hope you guys get your stay there, cos it’s gonna be awesome!

x NN


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