Sony RX-ed


I have fallen in LOVE!

Recently, I was contemplating about getting a new camera to replace my old one. And like any ordinary person who doesn’t know jackshit about camera (but knows how to “werk” in front of it =p), I sought help from a very good photographer friend of mine whom I worked very closely with, who, also was responsible for some of my amazing portrait photographs on my Instagram page (side track, check out his works and website at 15 percent grey, link below).

That was when Julian (Ong), actually recommended me and told me about the existence of this NEW SONY camera that’s just a week old in the (Singapore) market, the SONY CYBER-SHOT RX100V. (2 weeks by the time you read this post).

I have to admit to you, that I REALLY do not have any form of knowledge about cameras, except for art and creative directing of the images but some of my criteria that I look for includes :

  • Easy to use
  • Small and compact
  • Brilliant crisp SHARP images for still photography and most importantly for shooting my youtube videos.
  • Slow motion function
  • and “intelligent” to adapt to surrounding to give the best possible result using auto scene recognition
  • Precise and Fast auto focus

And what do you know, this small little camera, surpasses all those and even provided me more! I was really thrilled to know about this camera and I was really enticing myself, when I did some background research about it on various forms of forums and also on social media (particularly on youtube).

I WAS SOLD on it and went and hunt down for it after just a night of contemplating. Infact, there wasn’t any contemplating for me and also there wasn’t any others that I had in mind for the use.

Check this out :

  • super-fast 0.05-second3 Auto Focus speed
  • 315 densely arrayed phase-detection AF points offer the world’s widest coverage for consistent Auto Focus and tracking, even of small, fast-moving subjects
  • Capture 20.1 MP high-resolution images at up to 24 frames per second high-speed continuous shooting with Auto Focus /Auto Exposure tracking for up to 150 shots.
  • Outstanding image quality and continuous shooting, thanks to enhanced image processing capacity and response.

The downside to this was probably the price at SGD $1499.00 (inclusive of GST)…but I didn’t mind that, as I usually hold gadgets and items like this for years, and in my mind, something has got to go for such good and attractive qualities, and in this case, the price.

Took it over for a staycation last week in Bintan and let me just say that I got some really neat images and video footages that was clear and outstanding. (Look out for my video upload on the staycation at my Youtube channel, coming up soon)

If you are like me, and likes a camera that’s compact and offers good quality images and easy to use then, this is it. Look no further. ALSO, did I mention about the flip screen that you can snap your own selfies with, while composing and ensuring that you look sickening #AF. YUP! there we have it!

Still toying around with this baby and so far I’m not complaining…AND I want you all to know, that this isn’t something that I’m paid to market or advertise from SONY. This is genuinely from my own perspective and as a customer who bought this gadget!

Let me know your views on this!

For more in depth reviews and technological functions of the SONY CYBER SHOT RX100V, check out :

& check out 15 percent grey at : 

x NN

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