My Night With KEVIN.

NEW VIDEO ALERT : I take you on a step by step, styling tips and tricks of getting that red-carpet ready hair at the comfort of your own space, before i hit the town for #singaporefashionweek #digitalfashionweek

I have to tell you, that I’ve been using these products for a good couple of months and i must say that i really can’t live without KEVIN.MURPHY’s BODY.BUILDER. (just so you know, that i’m not getting paid for this and this is my truth, cos it WORKS!)

Personally i love some volume to my hair but I also don’t want to end up like one of those “the higher the hair the closer to god” people. Just a good amount of volume for that quiff and still be able to look effortless and thats what i like about this. Because this, gives exactly that, after a good blow-dry (with the product) + some controlled hair wax.

I guess being a LEO, my hair is what matters to me most, as some of y’all can tell from the various experimentations that it underwent from when i was about 15 till about late 20-something. Black, blonde, red, ash, brown, copper – long, short, bald, straight, wavy. You get the deal here.

So much so, I tend to stick to what works for my hair, when i find the right product (for a long period) #truestory.

Check out the video below and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more! Thank you so much in advance guys!.

And for a list of our Singapore local salons that you can get you hands on these KEVIN.MURPHYs, visit :

Much Love!

x NN


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