Bring your camera along.

A week back, I made a trip to the National Museum of Singapore, as i wanted to check out whats this whole “Silhouette, mood shots” thats been sweeping over #exploresingapore tags on instagram, about. And by that (also), i meant that i wanted to get into this whole action too. (#FOMO)

Turned out, it was their latest Art exhibition titled “What Is Not Visible Is Not Invisible” that features 34 selected art works from the French Regional Collections of Contemporary Arts (FRAC). Oui, très francais. Go ahead, get close and touch it, as these pieces encourages audience interactions to “explore the intangible, the emotional and the volatile relationship between the abstract, the organic and the structured.” <— got this off the website, tbh.

It was a lovely stroll through the exhibition space during the weekday as there weren’t too many people and of course on a weekday, with a crowd like that, it gives you the most time  and freedom for you to nail the shots that you want with these art pieces, especially if you are one of those photo buff and/or #instagramhusbands. (Hint : Go during the weekday, if you have a choice).

The Exhibition runs from 7th October 2016 – 19 February 2017.

For more information, Check out :

x NN


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