Y’all ready for this Jungle Fever?

KENZO x H&M lands in (H&M) Stores world wide on the 3rd November 2016, 8AM (SG time) that’s tomorrow!!

I was really blessed to have been one of those who was invited over for the Pre-shopping event at ION Sky recently and the venue was “LOUDLY” filled with vibrant colours and animal prints from the collection. (Shout out to H&M Singapore…much love and thanks) The sort of collection that i would go crazy for, circa 2009, perhaps? When i was young and was going crazy for (anything) neon and animal prints that sticks you out from the crowd, looking like a Stabilo Boss highlighter pen.

Considering that I’m way past that stage, I did find the collection to be very , VERY bright and “in your face“, definitely not the sort that i would steer towards nowadays, but I’m sure there’ll be the demographics that will appreciate something like a full on neon green-tiger print jumpsuit, for men. Just not for me.


And the reason why i said that was because, even when this was considered a “pre-shopping” event for the tie-up, i was just (probably) the 3rd batch to go in and already about 35% of the (men’s) items has been snatched up, including the one and only jumper that i had set out to get from them (sobs). As I witness these invited guests snatching and chucking (like plenty of) these apparels into their shopping bags, one actually can’t help but to wonder, whether these are really gonna be worn by them OR end up on some re-selling website?

I’m just wondering that’s all, at the end of the day, hey man, if you bought it, you have every right to do whatever you want to do with it. 

No complains though, considering that i was in the queue for about one and a half day this same time last year for the BALMAIN x H&M tie up. YES…like everyone else, i spent the entire one and a half day busting my ass off, in an overnight queue for that tie up. Im no different, i must say. That has to be the one AND ONLY time that i would do something as crazy and foolish as that. And that i can put a big fat tick beside “being a singaporean and queuing up for something“.

Well, if you are really into this collection, i do hope that you get what you want, be it being in the overnight queue (if thats your style) or walking in (though i must say I’m not surprise if there are still some choices left, if not little, if you walked in by noon time) and/or on those reselling websites. Time to Hustle!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this collection and also the past tie ups with H&M?

x NN


Full collection :

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