(Friday) Night at the Museum

In conjunction with Singapore Fashion Week + Digital Fashion Week, I managed to snatch an invitation to the #ExhibitStore Fall/Winter 2016 (Fashion) show at one of my favourite places to be at, National Gallery Singapore.

It has been a while since I attended an event/ fashion show as i had this whole epiphany “a-ha” moment about this whole culture and “lifestyle” that kinda made me retreat back — i shall post about that in my future blog post (note to self). 

Frankly, most of tonight was because of Yoyo Cao, the designer of Exhibit Store (check out their instagram page @exhibitstore), a personal friend. Coming from someone who lives and breathes fashion, the season’s collection was no surprise, just as current and fashionable as this fashion “it” girl that everyone just can’t seem to get enough of. I’m not going to pretend and write out some “chi-chi” fashion statements that describes the collection (because that’s just foolish) but I will say : heartiest congratulations and kudos to Yoyo and her whole Exhibit crew for working round the clock to execute the collection without a hitch and that I am in love with your crushed velvet suits. 

Decked up in the very latest of (one of our very own successful local brand) Reckless Ericka (shout out to Louis and Afton), it was a great Friday night, most especially to be amongst real friends in the industry that I haven’t seen and met in a long while. The rest of the evening though, was kinda EXHAUSTING…in every sense of the word.

x NN




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