Fishy Business

FAILURE is not an option, and so is falling flat on your face…

Let me just start of by saying that getting to Punggol Marina Country Club was in itself a journey to uncharted territory (for me). I’ve got no hate for that place and i know that it’s a new up-comming town and all that, but somehow, it felt like the humidity and heat here from where i stay (in central), was nothing compared to what Punggol had in store for us.

So, I was super stoked by the fact that this was my first time trying out the sport , either that or it was just the phobia and the fear of drowning masking itself through this weird burst of excitement.

(side track) I have this weird, and i repeat WEIRD phobia of fishes. I can’t seem to understand why, but i will probably hyperventilate if someone would throw me out into a body of water filled with a school of fish, any kind of fish. I recall this very clearly, to not ever entering those aquarium fish shops when i was little as i have this warp mentality that those fishes were gonna jump out and attack me…i know its dumb but well…im sure you have phobias too that’s unexplainable. Perhaps?? BUT well, it seems to get better with age…having said that, don’t think I’m ready enough for any scuba diving trip =).

4 to a boat, taking turns for a brief ride. And believe me when i tell you mine was pretty brief as this noob wakeboarder find himself having difficulties in balancing. I’ve always thought that it would be somewhat like snowboarding, just with a string. But boy was i Wrong. Failure is not an option, and so is falling flat on your face a couple of times and having to swallow a substantial amount of salt water that god knows what the content of it was. Time taken 3 hours. Fall taken…countless =(


“But before you give up, think about why you held on for so long”…in this case, because my life depended on it.

DEFINITELY the 1st but never gonna be the last….

x NN


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